Day 86 – Fun With Flags

I’m a big fan of flags, always have been, so when we saw these Arkansas flag postcards at Dallas Market, we just had to get them for my local pen store. I’ve loved having them, cause they’re super handy to send to Postcrossing folks who like flags – which is exactly what I’m doing! This one is off to Latvia, and I’m pretty sure I’ve never sent one there before. Fun!

Also, if you have to use a “normal person” pen (postcards aren’t very fountain pen friendly), make it a good one!

Pen: Karas Kustoms brass/aluminum

Off to: Latvia

Day 84 – Attempted Mail Decorating

By now I’m sure you all can tell that I’m the least creative person on the planet… But I try! This card is headed to my penpal Jess in California. She always has the cutest stationery, and I have a hard time finding anything like that around here. Even if I could, I definitely don’t need any more snail mail stuff for a while! My collection of cards is, well, out of control, to say the least. I’m working on slimming it down, though!

Pen: Wing Sung 698

Ink: Akkerman 11 Treves Turquoise

Off to: California

Day 81 – College Paperwork

I don’t talk about my upcoming plans too much on here, but I’ll be going to college full time this fall! I’m a bit terrified, because I’ll be 30 when I start there, but I’m excited to get it done. For me, this means moving from Arkansas to far northern Wisconsin, which will be a big change!

Anyways, this mail is a bit boring, because this is (or should be) the last paperwork I have to fill out before I arrive there in early September. I added stupid smiley face stickers in the school colors, because boring mail is never good.

Pen: Cross Ballpoint

Off to: Wisconsin

Day 80 – Cat Helper!

Tonight the cat that I live with decided to try to help me with my letter writing. 😂 My cousin (his favorite human) has been out of town for a week and a half, so he’s been stuck with nobody but me to love on him. Normally he doesn’t care about me at all, and he’s never jumped on my desk like this, so this was a pleasant surprise!

Off to: California