Day 70 – World’s Worst Penpal 😂

There’s no doubt at this point that I’m the world’s worst penpal. 😂 Since my last post, I’ve recovered from Atlanta, spent a weekend in Gettysburg, dogsat for a weekend, and now I’m preparing to go to NYC for a few days. I should be packing, but… priorities…

This letter (+an additional page I didn’t photograph) is headed to my lovely friend and penpal up in Canada. As I was writing this, she messaged me on IG. Spooky!

Pens: Franklin Christoph Model 45 (Koi) with Hippo Noto Hippo Purple, Franklin Christoph Model 45 (purple) with Franklin Christoph Sweet Maroon, and a TWSBI AL Mini with Oster Midnight Sapphire. 

Day 69 – I’m Baaack

Sorry for disappearing for a bit! I was at the Atlanta Pen Show this past weekend with Vanness, and it was a super busy time! I’d meant to write enough mail in advance to have a stockpile, but well, that didn’t happen.

I did make a few purchases at the show (of course) and most of them were from my friends at Franklin Christoph. I’ve been addicted to their Model 45 since the last Atlanta Pen Show, and I’ve collected quite a few of them… I’m a little afraid to count, to be honest… Anyways, I’ve been working on a rainbow of colors of these transparent ones, and I finally got the purple one I’d been waiting on! I’m so happy!

To: North Carolina

Pen: Franklin Christoph Model 45

Ink: Franklin Christoph Sweet Maroon

Day 66 – Incoming Postcrossing, Outgoing Postcrossing

Maybe I’m a little bit weird (okay, I’m a lot weird, I’ll admit it), but I love always having a Postcrossing card “traveling”. One of my last cards arrived to Germany today, so of course I had to get another in the mail. 

On top is an incoming Postcrossing card from Bielefeld, Germany. On the bottom is an outgoing card, headed to Belgium. Fun stuff.

Pen: vintage Cross ballpoint from my grandparents (postcards aren’t very fountain pen friendly, sigh)

Off to: Herentals, Belgium 

Day 65 – Letter Writers League Meetup (part four)

This picture is a bit lame because I accidentally sealed the envelope before I realized I hadn’t taken a picture. Oops! Anyways, this card is a thank you card headed to one of our vendors from the Arkansas Pen Show. They’re great people, so I hope they like the card.

Pen: Franklin Christoph model 45 (Antique Glass finish)

Ink: Bungbox June Bride

Off to: Kansas City

Bonus picture! Here’s all of our letters from the meetup last Tuesday. It was absolutely stuffed with envelopes! How fun is that? I’m so lucky to have something like this in my city. 

Day 64 – Letter Writers League Meetup (part three)

The third card from the Letter Writers League meetup is headed to a friend up in KC. She had noticed my snail mail fascination on Instagram and sent me her address so I could send her a card a while ago (which I did), so I’m sending her a little surprise card to check in with her. 😊 Surprises are fun!

Pen: Stipula Passaporto

Ink: Noodler’s Purple Martin

Off to: Kansas City