Day 2 – To Michigan!

2 - Envelope

Today’s letter went to my lovely penpal in Michigan, who shares the same kinda unusual first name that I have!  We met on Interpals, which is a site where you can make a profile and meet penpals.  I’ve had pretty good luck there, and it’s a nicely designed site with lots of features.

Anyhow, this letter features the 8 Bit Heart Envelope that I mentioned in my last post but forgot to photograph.  The heart is supposed to be red, but I printed it on a black & white printer, so I had to improvise with the coloring.  Diamine Red Dragon is a perfect color for a heart 🙂

The pen is my new Kaweco Liliput in Brass, which I just got a few days ago for my birthday.  It’s an impossibly tiny pen, but it has a lot of heft to it due to the brass body and cap.  It writes beautifully too!


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