Day 4 – Dear Abby


Today I wrote a card to Dear Abby. Not asking for advice or anything, just telling her thank you for her levelheaded advice over the years. I’ve read Dear Abby every day since I was a kid, and I’ve always really admired the way she gives advice to people without holding back, but also without being rude either.

I think I’m going to start a feature called Fan Mail Friday, where I write a fan letter every Friday. I’ve had a running list of people to write fan mail to for years, and before I started this project, I wrote it all out. It’s a huge list! Unfortunately, a lot of people don’t have snail mail addresses listed, so some people may be pretty impossible to reach, but I’ll try!

Today’s pen is a vintage (restored) Esterbrook SJ, with Organics Studios Blue Crab ink.


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