Day 6 – All the way to Estonia!

6 - Malle

Today’s letter went to my penpal who’s furthest away from where I live, all the way to Tarttu, Estonia.  I met Malle on Interpals a while ago, and we’ve exchanged letters off and on since then.  She always writes such interesting letters, and it really makes me step it up in terms of my own writing.  It’s been a while since we’ve written each other (due to things that have happened in both of our lives), so her letter to me was quite long… and I reciprocated the lengthy letter.  This letter was 12 pages one-sided… thankfully they were smaller pages!  I also included some postcards from the roadtrip that I went on this summer.  It’s fun explaining American landmarks like Mt. Rushmore to someone from Eastern Europe.

That’s the beauty of penpals, really, exchanging ideas and cultures.  We both talk about things that we like and dislike about our homelands, our dreams of traveling and moving to a different culture, our love of fantasy authors like Neil Gaiman and JK Rowling.  We talk about the situation in Ukraine, and the attitudes of former Soviet Republics towards Russian aggression.  All of this happening slowly and organically in letters, instead of being shoved down our throats in 45 second interviews on international news stations.  It’s a beautiful thing.


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