Day 10 – Chi-town Extravaganza

10 - Kim

To start the week, I sent a letter to my friend Kim, who lives in Chicago.  I’ve been posting all of the photos I’ve been posting on my blog on Instagram & Facebook, using the hashtag #theyearofletters.  My friend Kim was the first person to pick up on what I’m up to, sending a message with her address so that I could write her… and I’m happy to oblige!

The thing about letters is that they take time to arrive, be read, and be replied to.  That’s the beauty of it all, really, but that also means that once you’ve exhausted your round of penpal letters, you’re left grasping for people to write to.  I haven’t shared this blog on Facebook yet, but I imagine I will soon… and hopefully that will get me more writing partners out of my friends list.

I love the feeling of putting a pen to a piece of blank paper.  I never really quite know what I’ll write about.  Of course there’s the usual “how are you?  how’s your family?” that happens with every letter, but every one is a bit different.  I’ve never been one for writing a rough draft (much to the chagrin of my English teachers), so every letter just kind of… happens.  Sometimes this means that it’s not the most well laid out letter in the world, but hey, it’s the thought that counts, right?  The only time that I write rough drafts for anything is when I’m sending a fan letter, because I mostly send those on cards and I don’t want to waste a card because of a stupid typo.


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