Fan Mail Friday Success!

Just over a week ago I wrote a letter to Dear Abby.  I didn’t ask for any advice, it was just a “thank you” to her, since I’ve been such a big fan of hers for years.  I’ve read her column every single day since I was a child, and I’ve truly admired her style.

Today I have another reason to admire her.  I got this in the mail.

10b - Dear Abby Autograph omg

Yes, that’s an autographed photo from Dear Abby herself.  Sorry for the terrible picture quality, I was so excited that I was shaking.  It’s been a while since I checked the mail, and I’m still so excited about this.

Fan Mail Friday doesn’t exist solely to get autographs from celebrities that I like, but hey, I won’t turn it down, I guess!  It’s just so cool that she took time out of her day to write something to me!  I love you, Dear Abby!


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