Day 17 – EVEN MORE Random Acts of Cards

17 - Even More RAOC

I was utterly unprepared for the response that I got from my post in Random Acts of Cards.  It was a pleasant surprise, though, and it’s given me a lot of cards to write!  If I kept with my “one piece of mail a day” theme while doing this, it’d take me over a month to go through all of the requests for cards that I’ve received.  I’m only about halfway through all of these cards, but I’m making good progress!  It’s just a lot of writing, a lot of cards, and a lot of stamps!

It’s been really fun to write cards to people from all over the world.  So far I’ve sent mail to Germany, Indonesia, India, and Switzerland; and to Indiana, Michigan, Massachusetts, Oregon, Virginia, Pennsylvania, Florida, and Oklahoma here in the US.  Lots of mail!  I love it!

I’ll post the final totals of where I sent mail to once I finish all of these cards.  I still have several more to do!


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