Day 20 – New Penpal!

I’m starting my fifth week of The Year of Letters, and I couldn’t be happier!  So far I’ve been sending mail every day, as hoped, and I haven’t run out of people to write to, at all.  I feel like this is definitely something that I can keep up… but I need to get some more stamps soon!

20 - Pen Cleaning Day

I got a letter from a fellow participant in A Month of Letters, the site which heavily inspired me to do this project.  On their site, you have an option to check if you’re accepting new penpals, and she found me on there!

I’m always open to finding new people to write to, and Tracy seems super cool.  She shares my love of music and traveling, and she recommended one of her favorite books to me… which happens to be one of my favorite books (Good Omens by Neil Gaiman & Terry Pratchett, for the record).  It’s always nice when someone has similar tastes as you do!

I managed to run out of ink in yet another pen while writing to her, so I figured it was time to clean them and get them ready to test out some new ink samples that I’ve been holding onto for a while!


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