Day 26 – More New Stationery!

26 - Chris Stationery

I can’t express how much I love this cute stationery from Numanums!  It’s seriously cute, and fountain pen friendly!  It’s hard to find stationery that’s lined, too, so this is so perfect for letter writing.  It also comes with matching envelopes, so it’s a perfect little package for writing to penpals.

I used this owl stationery to send a letter to my new penpal Chris, who lives in Virginia.  He’s one of the people who I’d sent a card to from my Random Acts of Cards post a couple of weeks ago.  He wrote me back, and now I think we’re gonna be penpals.  It’s always nice to find someone who likes to write letters as much as you do!

My little Stipula Passaporto pen is filled up with a mixture of Noodler’s Air Corp Blue-Black ink and Pilot Iroshizuku Ku-jaku.  I had samples of both of those from the amazing Goulet Pens, and silly me only used about 50-75% of the samples in my pen, so I had just a few drops left in both bottles… so I decided to use them both up in this little eyedropper pen.  I know it can be dangerous to mix inks sometime, but these both seem pretty stable, and they make a kinda pretty dark blue-black ink.  At least I’m using them up, so then I can use the rest of my samples 😀


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