Day 46 – Maxi-Me!


So I have a friend who I call Maxi-Me, because we’re basically the same person, except she’s bigger than me (most people are…) She calls me her Mini-Me, it’s really kinda cute. I’ve known her forever, and she’s just a great person!

Anyways, she sent me her address today, so I went ahead and wrote her a letter today! I tried to be creative with the ink colors, but unfortunately the only inks I have in pens right now really don’t go well together… to put it mildly.

This is why I should never be allowed to decorate a house.

The pen in the picture is my new Jinhao 599, a Lamy Safari knockoff that I bought to fix my terrible pen grip. The ink is R&K Alt Goldgrun again, and I can’t decide if I like this ink or if it looks like baby puke. At least I only got a sample, so if I end up not liking it then it’s no big deal.


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