Day 64 – Snail Mail Swag


Hey everybody! Hope you had an awesome holiday season! I brought some of my desk stuff back from KC when I went there to visit my family, so I have a Bilbo Baggins POP figurine joining my desk crew. AND I brought back my Sting letter opener, which I bought because I wanted a full Sting sword, but I knew I’d harm myself badly if I bought one of those… The letter opener is much less dangerous.

Anyways, today’s letter is going to Mike, my penpal in Michigan, who sent me an awesome mix CD in his last letter!

My sister got me some awesome dinosaur return address labels for christmas as well, my Dad got me some cards, and my Mom got me some stamps! They’re feeding my mail addiction. 🙂 Check out all the cool cards I got!


The ones in the center with the food faces were a gift, and the rest I picked up at World Market or IKEA. I think I have enough cards to tide me over for a while… yeah right.


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