Day 74 – Cheesetor!


The crappy legal paper from work makes my little Kaweco Liliput look even tinier. I just love this pen…

This letter is headed to my sister, who I affectionately call “Cheesetor”. It’s a silly little nickname that seems to have stuck around longer than most nicknames. Sometimes it’s fun to be silly.

She probably won’t reply to my letter (and if you’re reading this, Cheesetor, you should feel bad about that), but I’m writing to her anyways.

Do you write letters to people who you know won’t reply?


One thought on “Day 74 – Cheesetor!

  1. That pen is the most adorable little thing.

    And I do send letters to people I know won’t reply. I haven’t done it for a while, since I’ve been busy just trying to get off replies to my penpals, but I think it’s fun to send of some love to people I haven’t talked to in a while just to let them know I missed them. It somehow feels both more sincere and a better surprise to let them open a letter vs clicking on a FB post!


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