Day 79 – Fun with tape & stickers / Bonus Funky Pen!


I’m not a crafty person, that’s very obvious, but I like to pretend that I am! I have a ton of ridiculous stickers that I add to my letters and envelopes, and today’s letter is no exception.

This letter is headed to my penpal Chris, who lives in Virginia. He will probably not be as amused with this as I am, but maybe the mailman will laugh, at least.


Bonus pic! This letter was written with my c. 1930s Southern Pen Company fountain pen/mechanical pencil combo! I picked it up at an antique store in November for $2, but the sac of the pen was totally busted and rattling around inside the barrel. I know next to nothing about pen repair, and I didn’t want to break the thing, so I took the pen to the lovely people at Vanness who got it up and running in literally less than 10 minutes. The pen is a little finicky, but it writes, and I’m very pleased with that! Yay for resurrecting old pens!


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