Day 82 – Vintage Postcards


I got these vintage Arkansas postcards at a shop in Hot Springs over Thanksgiving. The design on them is just so cool, and they’re slightly smaller than most postcards these days.

The stack of postcards is my little “stash” of cards. I have another big stash up in Kansas City at my parents house. I can’t travel anywhere without looking for postcards!

These two cards are heading to Postcrossing members in Russia and China! The Chinese Postcrossing member’s name kind of cracked me up… I’m not sure if it’s a nickname or they just chose a strange English name, but their first name was listed as – get this – Watermelon. Awesome.


One thought on “Day 82 – Vintage Postcards

  1. Hahaha! Love it! I worked with a Korean girl, she said many Asians will chose really weird Western names, just because they can. I mean…why not right 😛 Then again, maybe it just sounds really cool, the same way some foreign words sound to English speakers.


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