Day 85 – New Paper!


I know this blog is mostly focused on letter writing and snail mail, but today I’m excited about this new paper that I got in the mail a while ago and just now opened.

Clairefontaine’s “Ligne” pad and matching envelopes!

It’s hard for me to find paper that I like, because I absolutely must have lines in order to write, otherwise my writing goes all over the place. So many brands of quality paper only have blank pager, or grid/dot grid, which isn’t enough for someone like me who’s apparently… challenged.

So this should work perfectly for future letters… If only I can pick what pen and ink to use first. This is my problem with notebooks, I feel like there isn’t anything “worthy” of being written into a notebook. It’s really quite silly,  but that’s the way my brain works. How do you get over that hump? Notebooks are meant to be used! Leave a comment and try and help me get used to the idea of actually using this paper I’ve bought.


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