Day 86 – Letter Writing with a View


Does anybody else enjoy writing letters with a view? Today it was almost 70° outside! In January! Arkansas weather is crazy, but in a good way. I enjoyed watching the sunset, drinking a beer, and writing a letter this evening!

I’m writing on my Clairefontaine paper for the first time, and it really is incredible stuff! I’ve grown so used to only being able to write on one side of the paper ever since I started using fountain pens, so this was a nice surprise! I used my new Pilot Elite, and it wrote beautifully!

The letter is headed to my penpal Beth who lives in South Carolina. She sent me this adorable card with some stickers and cute animal sticky notes in it, which was so sweet of her! I picked out some stickers out for her as well… I hope she likes them!


2 thoughts on “Day 86 – Letter Writing with a View

  1. lalumii says:

    Was it really 70 degrees? Here in Pennsylvania it’s about 10. 😦 I can’t quite enjoy writing with a view (not yet, at least) but come spring you can bet I’ll be on the balcony.

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