Day 88 – Hey Hey Postcard Thursday!


Today’s Postcard Thursday card is headed to a Postcrossing member in Germany!

Also, it’s borderline impossible for me to take decent pictures at my desk. Weird.

In other news… I got two hamsters!


These are my two female Djungarian hamsters that I adopted today! They’re super friendly and adorable! So far they don’t have names, but I’m sure I’ll be coming up with some soon. I apologize in advance for all the hamster posts that will be happening in the near future.

I adopted them because I’ve been feeling a bit lonely in this house lately. As I may have mentioned before, I started this letter writing project as a way to pull myself out of a depression that followed my Nan’s death. I think it’s helped a lot, but it doesn’t fix the fact that I’m staying in a big 3 bedroom house by myself. (First World Problem, I know, but big houses are creepy when you’re alone.)

So now I have friends to keep me company! Yay!  Any name suggestions?


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