Day 12 – New Penpal!

This happy little robot helped me write this letter to a new penpal in California. I made a post on /r/penpals yesterday, and I got some great replies! I’ll be working through those over the next several posts, I imagine. I hope to have some incoming mail to reply to at some point, too.

The pen is a Lamy Safari Dark Lilac with matching ink. I have a thing for purple ink, and have way more than I have any business having. 😀


4 thoughts on “Day 12 – New Penpal!

  1. Good luck with your letter writing. It is always so much fun to get something in the mail.
    I just stumble around and found you. Funny to see you sent a letter to my state. Love CA!
    I hope you get lots of mail back and make some amazing friendships.


  2. This looks awesome! (Ps I’ve sent you a message via your About contact form!) (Also I’ve followed you three times now and it keeps saying I haven’t, ugh WordPress honestly). I love penpalling but I’ve gotten really bad at it lately, I have to pick it up again! And I just read your comment about InCoWriMo – I’m checking it out now, it looks great.

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