Arkansas Pen Show Recap

Hello everyone!

Sorry for the little break. I had hoped to have time to write a bunch of mail before taking a little break for the Arkansas Pen Show, but that didn’t happen. I took a few days off of this project so that I could work at the show (and shop a lot, let’s be honest) and host my Snail Mail seminar.

The seminar went really well! I got to share my love of writing with nearly 30 people, and everyone seemed to enjoy it. I got lots of ideas from other people, found some other blogs and IG accounts to follow, and I’m super excited to get back to writing!

Here’s a photo of my seminar. There were 28 lovely people there, sharing their ideas. After the seminar, I even had a guy come up and give me his address so I could write to him. How cool is that?


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