Day 69 – I’m Baaack

Sorry for disappearing for a bit! I was at the Atlanta Pen Show this past weekend with Vanness, and it was a super busy time! I’d meant to write enough mail in advance to have a stockpile, but well, that didn’t happen.

I did make a few purchases at the show (of course) and most of them were from my friends at Franklin Christoph. I’ve been addicted to their Model 45 since the last Atlanta Pen Show, and I’ve collected quite a few of them… I’m a little afraid to count, to be honest… Anyways, I’ve been working on a rainbow of colors of these transparent ones, and I finally got the purple one I’d been waiting on! I’m so happy!

To: North Carolina

Pen: Franklin Christoph Model 45

Ink: Franklin Christoph Sweet Maroon


One thought on “Day 69 – I’m Baaack

  1. Gorgeous pen!! I want the purple so badly!! I wish I could have made it to the Atlanta pen Show! Maybe next year! I bet ya’ll had a great time! I need to try to get some letters out. My hands are giving me cramping problems when using them for any length of time but I so miss writing you, my friend! Hope things are well with you! Enjoy that gorgeous new purple FC!! God Bless & Love You Bunches!!!


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