Day 76 – Letter Writers Alliance Part 3

This pretty little card is off to a fountain pen friend, John, who lost his long time partner (and fountain pen community legend) Susie Wirth last month. I’d only met them a few times, but they certainly left a mark.

Susie was well known for basically taking over whatever pen show she was at. She’d always steal a cart from the hotel kitchen and use it for her own purposes. She’d always show up with a ton of flowers for everyone, so this card reminded me of her. At one show she apparently showed up with a shopping cart full of watermelons, then sliced them all up and distributed them to everyone. She was quite the character.

Anyways, I know John has been reeling in the wake of Susie’s death, so a few of us wrote him cards at the meetup. Hopefully it’ll make him smile!

Pen: Kara’s Kustoms Mini Fountain K

Ink: Bungbox Imperial Purple

Off to: Wisconsin


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