Day 87 – Pens and Carbs

I love these ridiculous cards with smiley food on them. I think there’s bread, Cheerios, and coffee.i kinda forgot I had these (have I mentioned I have too many cards?), so I was happy to find them! I have a new fountain pen penpal, so I figured this was perfect for a little message for her!

This pen is a Parker (Duofold?) Pastel that I bought at the Atlanta Pen Show. I was sad to come home and find that it wasn’t inking properly because the j bar was too short. My friend Fernando fixed it up using some metal meant for fixing watches (?!) because he’s a genius. I’m so lucky to be surrounded by such wonderful pen folks. He said the pen is from 1929-1932, so I’m glad to have this old fella up and running! It’s tiny, and perfect for my little hands!

Pen: Parker Pastel

Ink: Aurora Blue Black

Off to: Oregon


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