Day 97 – Late Night Letters

When do you like to write? I find that I’m most comfortable writing late in the evening, which is when I end up doing most of my writing. I tend to be “wordier” when writing at night, interestingly, despite having to get up relatively early for work.

This letter is off to a pen friend in Oregon who passed though here a few weekends ago while on a road trip. Here’s a rare photo of me (right) with Susan (left).

Pen: Parker 50

Ink: Platinum Cassis Black

Off to: Oregon


2 thoughts on “Day 97 – Late Night Letters

  1. I like to write in the evenings and on weekends, but probably because that’s the only time I have blocks of free time. I can’t write too late at night or it’s hard to power down and get to sleep. 😁

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    • That’s a good point! I try to use letter writing to wind down from being on my phone, but then I need something to calm me down from letter writing. Weird, huh?


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