Day 144 – Christmas Cards! (Part 1)

It’s time for Christmas cards! I love this time of year, because people that don’t usually like snail mail are all over it! It makes me happy to see folks sending and receiving loads of pretty cards.

This fun card comes from World Market, which is one of my favorite places to pick up fun cards. 

It’s also finals week, so wish me luck! I’m gonna need it!

Pen: Pelikan M205 Amethyst

Ink: J Herbin Amethyste de l’Oural (sparkly!)

Off to: Florida


Day 143 – Business Mail

Another piece of boring mail, but this one is important, so I’m up for sharing. After a few months of not having health insurance (which is terrifying, since I’m a type one diabetic), I’m officially insured through my state’s healthcare program. It’s a nice little safety net, since I’m in college. This envelope contains what is hopefully some of the last paperwork I have to do for this process. It wasn’t too bad, but not as streamlined as I’d like.

Day 142 – Pens and Beer

Someone once mentioned that my Instagram is nothing but pens and beer, and tonight was a prime example of that.

This letter is a little reflection on culture headed to a Reddit user that posted in a bunch of snailmail subreddits asking for reflections on culture. It was interesting to take a step back to see how culture has impacted me, how I’ve rebelled against the way I was brought up, and the aspects of culture that I like the best.

What do you like/dislike about your culture?

Pen: Pelikan M205 Amethyst 

Ink: J Herbin Amethyst de l’Oural

Off to: Santa Cruz, CA

Day 141 – Penpals are the Best Pals

I had a bit of fun decorating this one…

Today’s letter is a reply to an unexpected letter I received from a penpal that’s a literal pen pal. We met via Instagram, then met in person at the DC Pen Show. We didn’t get a lot of time to hang out, which I regret, but it was so nice to meet her! I hope to get to know her better through letters 😊

Pens: TWSBI Mini – Papier Plume Bayou Nightfall

Pelikan M205 Amethyst – J Herbin Amethyste de l’Oural

Off to: Sykesville, MD

Day 140 – Late Night Writing Habit

Lately most of my letters have been written late at night, after I’m done with homework and trying to unwind. This one was finished around 2 am, while it was beautiful and snowing outside. I love it.

Pen: Jinhao – Diamine Shimmer Magical Forest

Pilot Prera – Montblanc Oyster Grey

Off to: RSM, CA

Day 139 – Fall Postcard

Today’s Postcard Thursday card is headed to Hungary! This one features a beautiful fall view of the Lake Superior shoreline here in northern Wisconsin. The fall colors were stunning, but sadly they’re mostly gone now, since winter is setting in.

Pen: Fisher Space Pen

Off to: Budaörs, Hungary

Day 138 – Boring Mail Gets the Boring Stamp

I guess no mail is truly boring, but still, I prefer to save the good stamps for my penpals.

Continuing my transcript fiasco from a week or so ago, my current college also doesn’t have an updated transcript from the community college I last attended, so I have to send off for that one. Of course you can’t submit the request electronically, you have to fax or snail mail… and the fax machine on campus doesn’t give a confirmation, so I am both faxing and snail mailing my request. I sure hope this is the last time I ever have to mess with this, cause I’m about out of boring stamps.
Pen: Pilot Prera

Ink: Montblanc Oyster Grey

Off to: North Little Rock, AR