Day 122 – Diaversary

Yes, I know, it’s another postcard, but this one is a bit special. Today is also a rare Saturday post, because today is my two year anniversary of getting diagnosed with type one diabetes. I am happy to be doing well with it, and that’s in large part to having a good medical team. So this card is headed to my endocrinologist back home. They’d asked me to send them a postcard when I moved, so I figured today was as good of a day as any!

Headed to: Little Rock, Arkansas


Day 121 – Postcard Thursday

It’s midterm season, so I appreciate having a little “break” and only sending a postcard today! This one could kinda count for Postcard Thursday and Fan Mail Friday, as it’s headed to Vanness Pen Shop, the local, family owned pen shop that I used to work at. It’s one of the only jobs I’ve had that I truly enjoyed, and I really miss them all! I’m glad I’ll be home over Thanksgiving so I can pop in for a visit!

Pen: Fisher Space Pen

Off to: Little Rock, Arkansas

Day 120 – Best Cards 😁

I bought this pack of cards a while ago, almost a year I think, and they certainly have a… niche market. For someone as inappropriate as me, though, they’re perfect! Luckily I have a friend who will appreciate this too, and I think she actually may have been with me when I got them… Either way, she’ll be happy!

Pen: Bankers Pen

Ink: R&K Cassia

Off to: Arkansas

Day 119 – Lineup

Another late night spent writing letters… and I can’t complain one bit! This one was done before midnight, for a change, but it’s a school night so I’m glad for the extra sleep… Who am I kidding? I’m gonna lay in bed and read!

Anyways, this letter is off to my friend in Colorado. I’ve owed her a reply for a few months, but it feels good to finally be catching up on the backlog of mail. Makes me feel productive.

This letter was brought to you by way too many cups of tea 🙂

Pens: Franklin Christoph Model 45 – F-C Midnight Emerald (maybe?)

Pelikan M320 – Diamine Pumpkin

Bankers Pen – R&K Cassia

Wing Sung 698 – Akkerman #11

Pilot Prera – Montblanc Oyster Grey

Sailor Bungbox Silent Night – Bungbox Silent Night (ran out in the middle of a page)

Off to: Colorado

Day 118 – Quick and Cute

It always kind of blows my mind when people react to my snail mail hobby with “woah. I’d never have time to send a card.” It doesn’t have to take up a ton of time! I have zero artistic skills, so handmade cards are out of the question to me, but that doesn’t mean I can’t send out a quick thank you card!

This one is headed to my friend Nao who I met through the Little Rock Letter Writers League. She designs all sorts of cute stuff, like this adorable snail mail stamp, and you should definitely visit her shop!

So cute. I love it! Expect to see a lot of this stamp on my blog from here on out. 

(Note: I had a very similar stamp that I’ve used before, but there was an error on it. She sent me this one as a replacement, cause she’s the best.)

Pen: Walsh/Waterson Banker’s Pen

Ink: R&K Cassia

Off to: Little Rock, AR

Day 117 – Oops, I Did It Again

Apparently late night letter writing is becoming a hobby of mine. There are worse ways to spend an evening! It’s cold enough outside that I have my window closed (boo!), and I’ve done all of my homework, so it’s been a nice, quiet evening.

It’s funny, because I feel so much better when I write. It doesn’t have to be anything profound or important, even just a little note to someone makes me feel way better, mentally. I’m at a small school in the middle of nowhere, I’m not a traditional student (30 years old), so I feel like a bit of an outsider. Adjusting has mostly gone well, but it’s easy to feel down when you’re a thousand miles from home. Surely everyone can understand that.

Woo, sorry for the rant. I don’t usually do that here, obviously, but sometimes it’s alright to get a bit personal, right? Does anyone else feel like writing or crafting or coloring is cathartic? What do you do when you’re feeling down?

Pens: Pelikan M320 – Diamine Pumpkin, Esterbrook SJ – Pelikan Smoky Quartz, Wing Sung 698 – Akkerman #11 Treves Turquoise (previous page).

Off to: Oregon

Day 116 – 1 am Writing

I spent the better part of two days on this one, finally finishing up at 1 am. Oops. Oh well. This is another super late reply to a penpal, so hopefully he’ll forgive me. He always types his replies (which I don’t mind at all), so I try to give him nice long handwritten letters in response. I wonder if I’ll be able to turn him to the dark side of handwriting things?

Do you care if your penpal letters are typed? Or do you only like handwritten? For me, I don’t really care, I just love getting mail, and I love that someone took the time to write me.

Pens: Too dang many. The same as the last few posts, I think.

Off to: North Hollywood, CA