Day 115 – Finally, a Proper Letter!

Whew! Sorry for the multiple photos, but this is the first actual letter I’ve written in a while, and I wanted to show off my pretty pens and inks. No regrets.

This letter is apparently a long time coming! While going through my stack of letters to reply to, I found one from a friend from high school… postmarked in February! I guess it got lost in my desk back home, and I only found it when I moved! Yikes! I’m fairly sure we exchanged letters since then, so hopefully she hasn’t been waiting on a reply for over six months…

That being said, I hope to knock out replies to all of my penpals soon. If you’re waiting on a reply, I promise it’s coming! Moving just put everything on hold for a while. 

Pens & inks: Pelikan M320 – Diamine Pumpkin

Esterbrook SJ – Pelikan Smoky Quartz

Pilot Prera – Montblanc Oyster Grey

Waterson/Welsh Banker – R&K Cassia

Off to: Kansas City, MO


Day 114 – Quickie

Today’s note was just a quick little message to my folks. I got this coupon from Lowe’s (a home improvement store, for the non-American readers) when I submitted my change of address form to the post office. I have no use for anything from there, since I live in a small dorm room now, so I sent it to my parents, cause they’re much more likely to use it.

Pen: Kaweco Lilliput

Ink: black/grey mix

Off to: Kansas City, MO

Day 113 – Postcards to Family (part 3)

Alright, this’ll probably be the last postcard for a little bit. I have so many penpals to reply to, but I wanted to send some postcards to my family first, so this’ll make them happy. This one is headed to my grandparents in Arkansas. I talk to them on the phone several times a week, but everyone loves snail mail, right?

Also, holy cow, it’s October!!!

Pen: Fisher Space Pen

Off to: Arkansas

Day 110 – Cat Card!

It is so dang hard to capture the sparkles in this pen, but it sure is pretty! This is the Sailor Bungbox Silent Night pen that they came out with last winter, and I love it. This cat card is headed to a friend in the Chicago area, because she graciously let me stay with her a few weekends ago. It was a fun little trip, and I’m so lucky to have such good friends down there!

Also my dorm decided to test the fire alarms while I was writing this card, so that was fun…

Pen: Sailor Bungbox Silent Night

Ink: Bungbox Silent Night

Off to: Aurora, IL

Day 109 – Sympathies

Today I found out that one of my teachers from high school passed away. I don’t remember much about high school, but I’ll never forget her kindness and her passion for teaching. RIP Ms. Turner. You were amazing.

If you have to send a sympathy card, it might as well be a pretty one.

Pen: Banker’s Pen

Ink: R&K Cassia

Off to: Las Vegas, NV