Day 137 – Stamps and Stamps

I love stamps, both the rubber kind and the USPS kind. They always make me so happy. I keep a few “boring” flag stamps around, but I always use the fun stamps on my actual letters, like this Disney Villain stamp. How fun is that? The rubber stamp is from my friend Nao, who runs NS Gift. I have quite a few rubber stamps, but this is one that I use constantly, and keep out on my desk! Fun snail mail is always a good thing.

Pen: Jinhao

Ink: Diamine Shimmer Magical Forest

Off to: Paramount, CA


Day 136 – Little Helper

Today’s letter was written with some help from my pen mascot, Inky! He was a gift from my friends at the Little Rock Letter Writers League, and I’ve rather enjoyed taking silly photos with him. He lives on my desk or in my backpack, and I bring him out to take pictures. Yeah, I’m that guy.

This letter is a reply to my friend in Louisiana who graciously humors my letter writing hobby.

Pen: Pilot Prera – Montblanc Oyster Grey (trying to run this one dry so I can ink up a different grey ink)

Off to: Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Day 135 – Fan Mail Friday

I’m pretty happy with myself for hitting both of my completely unofficial “theme days” this week: Postcard Thursday and Fan Mail Friday. Woo hoo! Guess I’m finally getting this blogging thing down!

I won this Monteverde Cube pen and some ink cartridges in an Instagram giveaway a few weeks ago, so I’m sending the company a thank you card. I enjoy the pen quite a bit, and more ink is always a good thing!

Pen: Monteverde Cube

Ink: Monteverde California Teal

Off to: California, fittingly. 

Day 134 – Pretty Postcard Thursday

Tonight’s postcard features the beautiful Apostle Island seacaves, found in Lake Superior in northern Wisconsin. They’re so gorgeous in person, I saw them on a boat tour back in August when I moved up here, and apparently in the winter they freeze over, so you can walk out to the caves on the lake. Cool, huh? I hope to get to do that this winter! In the meantime, this postcard is headed to an Interpals user from Hungary.

Pen: Fisher Space Pen

Off to: Budapest, Hungary

Day 133 – Desk Stuff

I always have too much stuff on my desk. Every picture I post is carefully cropped so as to not show all the junk that surrounds me. In my defense, I went from a nice, big, roll top desk with tons of drawers, to a dinky dorm room desk with three drawers. 

So my letter writing space is a bit limited, which is frustrating. Hopefully soon I’ll be able to get organized a bit more, but in the meantime I have too many papers to write and tests to study for…

This letter is headed to my uncle, who always humors me by writing me letters. I’m excited to see them over Thanksgiving!

Pen: Jinhao 

Ink: Diamine Shimmer Magical Forest

Off to: Arkansas

Day 132 – Waiting? Write!

This photo is from last Friday, which was Fountain Pen Day! My favorite celebration! It’s a day where the fountain pen community celebrates our shared obsession, and there are meetups, and stores do discounts… It’s just fun. I wasn’t able to really go anywhere and celebrate (my nearest pen shop is a four hour drive away now 😦 ) so I celebrated on my own, writing a letter while I waited for a drag show to start on campus. It was a fun night!

Pen: Franklin Christoph Model 45

Ink: Franklin Christoph Midnight Emerald

Off to: Arkansas

Day 131 – I Love Letters

It feels good to be writing letters again! My wonderful friend Susan sends me a letter just about every week, which is so sweet of her, especially since I’m never able to reply quickly. She’s so sweet and patient, so I try to make it worth the wait when I do respond! This is the result of a nice, relaxing writing session, using all of my lovely pens. What a nice way to spend an evening!

Off to: Oregon