InCoWriMo 2021 – Day 1

Hello everyone!

Long time no see! Lots has changed around these parts, and maybe I’ll get around to blogging about it one of these days, but one thing that hasn’t changed is my love for snail mail, and my insistence on attempting things I’ve previously failed at!

So here we are, 2021 is chugging along, and I’m deciding to give InCoWriMo another try.

This card is headed to Bob in Arizona, who’s celebrating his 91st birthday this month. Obviously he isn’t able to celebrate with family due to the pandemic, so one of his relatives requested cards for him. What a sweet idea!

Pen: Schon Design Pocket 6

Ink: random blue cartridge

Off to: Arizona

InCoWriMo Day 8 – Pen Pal

The space in the title is intentional, this letter is heading to a friend who I made at the Arkansas Pen Club, back when I lived in, well, Arkansas. Now I’m a thousand miles away, but we have been keeping in touch via social media, and now via snail mail!

Her letter was the first to arrive after the start of InCoWriMo, and so per the “rules”, I’m replying. Feels good.

Pens & Inks: ensso xs – Monteverde Mercury Noir

Pelikan M200 – Robert Oster Shimmer Fire and Ice

TWSBI Mini – KWZ Honey

Lamy Safari – J Herbin Amethyste d’Oural

Off to: Arkansas

InCoWriMo Day 5 – Bicycle

I couldn’t resist picking this bicycle card when writing to a Dutch acquaintance of mine. She lives in the US now, but I thought it’d be fun.

Also, I’ve really been digging shimmer inks lately, if that isn’t obvious. This is J Herbin Amethyste d’Oural in my broad Lamy Safari. Shimmer inks don’t play nice in most of my pens, but it’s working well in this one so far. I love it.

What inks surprised you?

Pen: Lamy Safari

Ink: J Herbin Amethyste d’Oural

Off to: Madison, WI

InCoWriMo Day 4 – Too Cute For Words

Isn’t this washi tape the cutest thing in the world? I’m a total sucker for cute stuff with rainbows and unicorns, so when I saw that the San Francisco Pen Show was having pins and washi made with cute animals holding fountain pens, I knew I neeeeeded it.

Luckily my pen friend Pam offered to grab it for me, since I live about a million miles away from San Francisco, and I just love it.

I’m probably losing my newly minted ‘man card’ because of this blog post, but it’s worth it.

Anyways, today’s letter is off to Pam. It’s long overdue, of course (I’m the worst), but better late than never, right?

How’s everyone doing with InCoWriMo so far? Keeping up? Having fun? I think that the goal of writing a piece of mail every day is super fun, but even just sending more mail than usual is awesome.

Keep writing, friends!

Can we just take a moment to appreciate an ink that both shimmers and sheens? I’ve been absolutely loving this Robert Oster Shimmer Fire and Ice. It’s super fun to write with. I’ve burned through half a sample container in the last few weeks, and I’m afraid I might need to get a bottle once I’m done with the sample. Maybe I’ll be able to stick to my ink buying hiatus for at least a little while longer!

Pen: Pelikan M200

Ink: Robert Oster Shimmer Fire and Ice

Off to: California

InCoWriMo Day 3 – Cheery Card

This cheery, flowery card is off to a friend in Scotland. I figure we’re both in the middle of dreary winter weather, so why not brighten up a mailbox?

My battered, beloved Nock Co Brasstown pen case is in the back. I’ve carried my pens in this thing every day for like four years, and I love it.

Pen: Lamy Safari Dark Lilac

Ink: J Herbin Amethyste d’Oural

Off to: Scotland

InCoWriMo Day 2 – Mr. Octopus

This dapper octopus is heading to a kid named Louie, who’s a young friend of a cousin of mine. I’ve never met Louie, but he’s having a lot of health problems, and it’s not looking good for him, so his parents asked for cards to be sent, to add some joy to his life.

I used Robert Oster Shimmer Fire & Ice ink to add a little more fun to this card. I really enjoy this ink!

Full disclosure: I sent this card in January, as I didn’t think it was appropriate to try to wait until February to send this card. Since it was such a fun card, I figured I’d count it as part of InCoWriMo, though 🙂

Off to: Arkansas

InCoWriMo Day 1 – Start Off With a Bang

If you’ve been following my blog for a while, there’s one thing that’s very clear – I am the world’s worst penpal.

If you’re new to the blog, welcome! I’m Lucas, and I’m the world’s worst penpal.

My friend/penpal Susan is the most patient human being I know. She’s continued to write me letters despite silence from my end, due to being busy with school, writing letters and forgetting to send them, and just generally being the worst.

Seriously, the bag of ink samples that’s hiding behind her letter? I’ve had them on my desk for probably over a year, just waiting to be sent.

Anyways, they’re in the mail now, and so is this long overdue letter to Susan. Starting InCoWriMo off right!

Off to: Oregon

Day 100! – Back to the Beginning

Wow! I can’t believe it’s been 100 pieces of mail already! The last time I tried this (almost 3 years ago at this point), I fizzled out quite a bit before this point, so I’m pretty proud of myself for keeping this going.

To celebrate, I’m going back to the beginning of my snail mail journey, to one of my very first penpals from 3 years ago. She and I haven’t written in a while due to illness and life getting in the way, so I thought this would be a perfect opportunity to catch up!

I’m sending her a little fountain pen care package along with the letter. Hopefully it’ll make her smile!

Pen: Parker 50

Ink: Platinum Cassis Black

Off to: SC

Day 99 – Fancy Fan Mail Friday

Okay, so the mail itself isn’t all that fancy, but this stationery sure does look classy! It’s nice enough that I’m sending it to a Senator that I’m a fan of, thanking her for her hard work. Maybe she’ll be happy to receive some nice mail 🙂

I can’t believe that the next piece of mail will be my 100th! I’m working on something kinda special, so we’ll see how it goes this weekend!

Pen: TWSBI AL Mini

Ink: Oster Midnight Sapphire

Off to: Washington DC

Day 97 – Late Night Letters

When do you like to write? I find that I’m most comfortable writing late in the evening, which is when I end up doing most of my writing. I tend to be “wordier” when writing at night, interestingly, despite having to get up relatively early for work.

This letter is off to a pen friend in Oregon who passed though here a few weekends ago while on a road trip. Here’s a rare photo of me (right) with Susan (left).

Pen: Parker 50

Ink: Platinum Cassis Black

Off to: Oregon