Day 100! – Back to the Beginning

Wow! I can’t believe it’s been 100 pieces of mail already! The last time I tried this (almost 3 years ago at this point), I fizzled out quite a bit before this point, so I’m pretty proud of myself for keeping this going.

To celebrate, I’m going back to the beginning of my snail mail journey, to one of my very first penpals from 3 years ago. She and I haven’t written in a while due to illness and life getting in the way, so I thought this would be a perfect opportunity to catch up!

I’m sending her a little fountain pen care package along with the letter. Hopefully it’ll make her smile!

Pen: Parker 50

Ink: Platinum Cassis Black

Off to: SC


Day 99 – Fancy Fan Mail Friday

Okay, so the mail itself isn’t all that fancy, but this stationery sure does look classy! It’s nice enough that I’m sending it to a Senator that I’m a fan of, thanking her for her hard work. Maybe she’ll be happy to receive some nice mail 🙂

I can’t believe that the next piece of mail will be my 100th! I’m working on something kinda special, so we’ll see how it goes this weekend!

Pen: TWSBI AL Mini

Ink: Oster Midnight Sapphire

Off to: Washington DC

Day 98 – Incoming/Outgoing

Today’s post features not one, but TWO postcards! The top one is an outgoing postcard, headed to China, and featuring a view of Petit Jean State Park, one of my favorite places.

The bottom postcard is an incoming card, from Mahilyow, Belarus. The writer states that most of these buildings were lost in WWII, but some are still visible. An interesting little bit of history from a place I’d previously never heard of. Very interesting!

Headed to: China

Day 97 – Late Night Letters

When do you like to write? I find that I’m most comfortable writing late in the evening, which is when I end up doing most of my writing. I tend to be “wordier” when writing at night, interestingly, despite having to get up relatively early for work.

This letter is off to a pen friend in Oregon who passed though here a few weekends ago while on a road trip. Here’s a rare photo of me (right) with Susan (left).

Pen: Parker 50

Ink: Platinum Cassis Black

Off to: Oregon

Day 96 – Never too many thank you cards

Yet another “thank you” card being dropped in the mail today. I think people forget just how important it is to let people know that you appreciate them. Buy a pack of cheap thank you cards and send them to people that matter to you 😊

Also, I’m closing in on 100 pieces of mail sent. What should I do for number 100?

Pen: Wing Sung 698

Ink: Akkerman #11 Treves Turquoise

Off to: Ontario, Canada

Day 95 – Pink Hedgehog

While digging in my desk today, I found a few more of these pink hedgehog cards. I have no idea how I ended up with these, really, since I hate the color pink and I’ve never even seen a hedgehog in person… But either way, they’re really cute!

This one is headed to a friend that I’ve known for over 20 years. She recently moved from our hometown near Kansas City and moved to Oklahoma, not far from where I was born. The world is a funny place.

Pen: Parker 50

Ink: Platinum Cassis Black

Off to: Oklahoma

Day 94 – Snail Mail Fan Mail

It’s been a little while since I’ve done a Fan Mail Friday, so here goes! This little card is headed to the folks at Snailmailcool, a snail mail themed Facebook page. They recently celebrated their one year anniversary, and sent out some celebratory packs as gifts to some followers. I got one, which included a few cute stickers, some really cute snail postcards, and a note card. I look forward to using all of it!

The Vintage Email stamp comes from Vanness, my local pen shop/part time job, and the Good Mail stamp is from The Well Appointed Desk. I have no idea where the little sparkly heart sticker came from, but I kinda enjoy them, despite being the least girly human on the planet.

Pen: TWSBI AL Mini

Ink: Robert Oster Midnight Sapphire

Off to: Michigan