Day 98 – Incoming/Outgoing

Today’s post features not one, but TWO postcards! The top one is an outgoing postcard, headed to China, and featuring a view of Petit Jean State Park, one of my favorite places.

The bottom postcard is an incoming card, from Mahilyow, Belarus. The writer states that most of these buildings were lost in WWII, but some are still visible. An interesting little bit of history from a place I’d previously never heard of. Very interesting!

Headed to: China


Day 86 – Fun With Flags

I’m a big fan of flags, always have been, so when we saw these Arkansas flag postcards at Dallas Market, we just had to get them for my local pen store. I’ve loved having them, cause they’re super handy to send to Postcrossing folks who like flags – which is exactly what I’m doing! This one is off to Latvia, and I’m pretty sure I’ve never sent one there before. Fun!

Also, if you have to use a “normal person” pen (postcards aren’t very fountain pen friendly), make it a good one!

Pen: Karas Kustoms brass/aluminum

Off to: Latvia

Day 66 – Incoming Postcrossing, Outgoing Postcrossing

Maybe I’m a little bit weird (okay, I’m a lot weird, I’ll admit it), but I love always having a Postcrossing card “traveling”. One of my last cards arrived to Germany today, so of course I had to get another in the mail. 

On top is an incoming Postcrossing card from Bielefeld, Germany. On the bottom is an outgoing card, headed to Belgium. Fun stuff.

Pen: vintage Cross ballpoint from my grandparents (postcards aren’t very fountain pen friendly, sigh)

Off to: Herentals, Belgium 

Day 43 – Postcard to Cyprus

This post is kinda exciting for me. Yes, it’s just another Postcrossing postcard, but this one is going to Cyprus! I’m pretty sure I’ve never sent anything there before, so that’s kinda cool.

The pen is a Cross ballpoint I inherited from my grandparents. They both worked for an aluminum company called Alcoa, and these pens were given out as a celebration of a million safe hours worked. There’s also a chance that the pen shop I work for, Vanness, engraved these way back in the day! How cool!