Day 81 – College Paperwork

I don’t talk about my upcoming plans too much on here, but I’ll be going to college full time this fall! I’m a bit terrified, because I’ll be 30 when I start there, but I’m excited to get it done. For me, this means moving from Arkansas to far northern Wisconsin, which will be a big change!

Anyways, this mail is a bit boring, because this is (or should be) the last paperwork I have to fill out before I arrive there in early September. I added stupid smiley face stickers in the school colors, because boring mail is never good.

Pen: Cross Ballpoint

Off to: Wisconsin


Day 19 – Minions!

I meant to take a picture of the actual writing on this letter, but I sealed the envelope before I remembered to do that. Oops! I hope this ridiculous Minion sticker makes up for it! This letter is headed to my IG friend Aleks in California. He’s another pen nerd, so roughly half the letter is pen stuff. Nerd much?